Democracy for Sale’ - Social media organisations and politics

‘Democracy for Sale’ book cover‘Democracy for Sale’ book cover

This book covers the relationships between the worrying changes we have seen in politics in certain countries around the world and the behind the scenes factors which have allowed and promoted those changes; it shows us that what might seem to be shifts in public opinion’ may well be the result of decades-long efforts by committed groups to push public sentiment in the direction they favour. These groups are probably unknown to most of us (I am beginning to sound like a conspiracy theorist!) but they exist, and they operate to further the aims of their sponsors through such activities as political lobbying, the formation and funding of thinktanks’ and policy research’ bodies, and by funding the political campaigns of like-minded activists.

Not all political systems are equally susceptible to the kinds of interference and influence described here, but that doesn’t mean we shouldn’t be concerned, after all we’ve all seen how the US has change dover the past four years. That would seem to be reason enough for concern.

This is Chapter 8, which covers the activities of social media organisations in a more general way, much of the book is connected to how these organisations have contributed to the changes in politics in the UK, and especially Brexit, over the past few years.

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