About me


This is the personal website of Scott Koga-Browes, Associate Professor at Ritsumeikan University’s College of International Relations.

I built this site to bring together various aspects of the work I do at Ritsumeikan; pages tagged M&S and CAC are aimed primarily at the students who take my courses and provide information and links to the material they will need during their studies.

My research work is reflected in the brief pages which detail my (meagre) research output. Not all of the material in the research section is entirely serious (please don’t cite the daft bits!)

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1986 - 1991: University of London, SOAS. BA Japanese
1991 - 1993: TBS, London Bureau
1993 - 2002: Reuters PLC
   ’93 - 95: Duty News Organiser, GMTV/Reuters Newsdesk
   ’95 - 97: Seconded to NTV, London Bureau
   ’97 - 02: Reuters Financial TV, Tokyo
2002 - 2005: Freelance production, UK & Spain
2005 - 2006: Sheffield Hallam University. MA Media Studies
2006 - 2009: Sheffield University. PhD, Reading news images in Japan: Visual semiosis in the context of television representation.
2009 - 2011: Kyushu University. JSPS Post-doctoral Research Fellow.
2012 - present: Ritsumeikan University, College of IR., Associate Professor
   Apr 2019 - Mar 2022: Associate Dean for the Joint Degree Program (Ritsumeikan University / American University)

About images used on this site

Some of the images used around this site have been generated using the Stable Diffusion AI software - I like the general oddness’ of the things it produces when you ask it to create things that are difficult to picture (eg. communication, management, knowledge) …he he he…