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Risks for 2024 (updated) May 18, 2024 News ↓↓See recent related news stories in updates below↓↓ The WEF has just published the results of its ‘risk survey’ for 2024; this survey asks ‘1,490 The 'Day of the Bogons' has arrived! Jan 21, 2024 News UPDATE: 21 Jan 2024 It’s happening already… At the end of this post are links to a piece of recent research on the spread of “news and Information Security Dec 19, 2023 News This is a short post to mention a few of the information security related articles I’ve notice over the past couple of weeks. As students of IR we Deadly Journalism 2023 Dec 9, 2023 News & Journalism Journalism can be a dangerous occupation. The International Federation of Journalists (IFJ) reported that 94 journalists and media workers, Reuters Institute: Annual Digital News Reports Nov 22, 2023 News & Research The Reuters Institute at Oxford University produces a report on digital news consumption around the world every year - here they are! Or, if you PBS X/Twitter Musk Documentary Oct 30, 2023 News US public service broadcaster, PBS, has just released a two-hour documentary on Elon Musk’s takeover of Twitter and the events leading up to it. If "World Press Freedom Index 2023" May 3, 2023 News Every year Reporters Without Borders (RSF) compiles and publishes a “World Press Freedom Index” which attempts to measure and map the degree of Democracy 2024 Jan 6, 2023 News This year is a big year for politics around the world, with a significant portion of the world’s population voting in elections. In ‘size of "Michael Sandel: 'The populist backlash has been a revolt against the tyranny of merit'" Sep 6, 2020 News This article, taken from the Guardian newspaper, is a review of Michael Sandel’s new book and an interview with the author. I haven’t read it yet McNair: Fake news, journalism and democracy Jul 26, 2020 News & Reading Below is a complete chapter from Brian McNair’s 2018 book ‘Fake News’; I have reproduced the whole thing here primarily because it deserves as large UN's Guterres Mandela Day Speech Jul 19, 2020 News UN Secretary-General António Guterres gave the Mandela Day speech this year, his focus was inequality. The most obvious often seems to be economic; UN's David Kaye on challenges to the press Jul 14, 2020 News David Kaye has been UN ‘Special Rapporteur’ on freedom of expression since 2014 (UN Biog). On 13 Jul 2020 he held his final press briefing and "How things work: Pt 76" May 27, 2020 News The article linked to below (from the Guardian newspaper) looks at the coverage of a story purporting to provide evidence that COVID-19 originated Portayals of Social Distancing May 5, 2020 News This article shows some example of how photographs can distort our impressions of space, important at a time when ‘social distancing’ is a matter of COVID-19 and the Press May 3, 2020 News The events around COVID-19 are affecting how the press carries out its work around the world. More evidence is gathering that states are using