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3. The Invisible Management of the Great Society Mapping World Communications: War, Progress, Culture GSS Presenter Schedule 1. The Emergence of Technical Networks 2. The Age of Multitudes 4. The Shock of Ideologies 5. The School of Ruse 6. From Progress to Communication - Conceptual Metamorphoses 7. The Revolution of Rising Expectations 8. The International Regulation of Information Flows 9. The State in Its Ordinary Dimension 10. The Ascendancy of Geoeconomy 11. Mediations and Hybridizations 12. Conclusion:The Enigma
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Reuters Institute: Annual Digital News Reports PBS X/Twitter Musk Documentary The 'Day of the Bogons' has arrived! "World Press Freedom Index 2023" "Michael Sandel: 'The populist backlash has been a revolt against the tyranny of merit'" McNair: Fake news, journalism and democracy UN's Guterres Mandela Day Speech UN's David Kaye on challenges to the press "How things work: Pt 76" Portayals of Social Distancing COVID-19 and the Press
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Digitised Books Some XKCDs "Peter Geoghegan: 'Democracy for Sale'" McNair: Fake news, journalism and democracy A short story to think about... 'Book: "The Internationalists" - War & Law'
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Reuters Institute: Annual Digital News Reports Useful words and phrases for academic writing Media History: Radio Towers Looking for a park Newspaper Sales in Japan Left and right in TV news images in Japan and the UK Global Insights - Who Decides? Misinformation and Election Interference Kyoto's Radio Towers 'Camera Angles: Designed to communicate?' "Digital Watershed: Japanese TV's Digital Switchover" Social Distance: News in the UK and Japan Visual Semiotics of News Images in Japan and the UK
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