Risks for 2024 (updated) May 18, 2024 News ↓↓See recent related news stories in updates below↓↓ The WEF has just published the results of its ‘risk survey’ for 2024; this survey asks ‘1,490 GSG 2023 Actor Videos May 2, 2024 Video that were chosen as examples of ‘Best Practise’ are in bold. English-language NGO actors are in italics. (Page takes a few moments to load Media & Society: Assessment Apr 1, 2024 M&S There are four ‘Short Papers’ assigned for this course, you should choose three of them. Please do not submit all four, this will not gain you extra CAC: Assessment Apr 1, 2024 CAC More info on the Reflection Papers below ↓ CAC Syllabus on manaba ↗️ As noted in the syllabus there are two parts to the final grade for this Media & Society: 01 Mar 31, 2024 M&S This week is just to introduce the course and to tell you about who I am. I will run you through what you can expect to learn during the course, how CAC 1 Mar 31, 2024 CAC Who am I? Who are you? What is this course about? What is it not about? Nothing to prepare for the first week. Before the class ends, here will be a Media & Society: 02 Mar 30, 2024 M&S This session will be a very quick look at the history of the mass media; I choose to do this by looking at the developments in technology and how CAC 2 Mar 30, 2024 CAC This session looks at the birth of studies of ‘Cross/Intercultural Communication’. E.T. Hall and the Foreign Service Institute. “The Silent Media & Society: 03 Mar 29, 2024 M&S Why ‘Mass’? Communication models. “Producer-Text-Audience”. Contrasting the ‘dominant’ and ‘critical’ paradigms. Things to complete this for CAC 3 Mar 29, 2024 CAC Changing conceptions of the notion of ‘culture’. How did we get to where we are now? Culture as ‘growth’, culture as a ‘standard’, the emergence of Media & Society: 04 Mar 28, 2024 M&S In this session we will look at different approaches to ‘production’ and ‘producers’ - that is, how we can understand the processes behind the CAC 4 Mar 28, 2024 CAC Postwar thinking on ‘culture’, the culture onion. Norms, values and beliefs. Cultural relativism and complexity. Download slides - PDF Dahl, S. Media & Society: 05 Mar 27, 2024 M&S This session looks at approaches to ‘Audiences’ and media ’consumption’by audiences. How do we define an audience? Does everyone involved think of CAC 5 Mar 27, 2024 CAC Quantitative approaches, survey methodology. The influence of Hofstede and Trompenaars. Read the McSweeney paper below Look through the slides Media & Society: 06 Mar 26, 2024 M&S Approaches to Texts and media products: Framing, semiotics. The assessment for this course requires you to write THREE short papers. There
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