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CAC 6 Mar 26, 2024 CAC This week we take a look at how academics, and others, have tried to find ways to identify and discuss some sort of ‘proxy’ for ‘cultural’ Media & Society: 07 Mar 25, 2024 M&S Newspapers are the oldest mass media and are thus the root of much of the ‘common sense’ of other media industries which developed later. Industry Essay Writing Top Tips Mar 25, 2024 CAC & Writing Introduction (TOPIC - explain what you are going to do) (BODY - do what you said you were going to do) First body para Second body para Third body CAC 7 Mar 25, 2024 CAC The Sapir-Whorf hypothesis, languages and perception, national languages. Leave a comment on the manaba forum telling us about useful words and Media & Society: 08 Mar 24, 2024 M&S This session covers in greater depth some of the approaches to understanding and analysing the production of media content we have encountered CAC 8 Mar 24, 2024 CAC This session introduces some basic approaches and findings from the field of ‘Sociolinguistics’: how societies and social groups use language to Media & Society: 09 Mar 23, 2024 M&S This session covers some of the characteristic features of the newspaper industry and journalism in Japan. We particularly focus on the decline of CAC 9 Mar 23, 2024 CAC Facial expressions, proxemics, gesture and ‘paralanguage’ as bearers of social meaning. As usual, check out the materials. Leave a comment in the Media & Society: 10 Mar 22, 2024 M&S This session outlines a variety of approaches to thinking about television and broadcasting, starting by looking at the organisations and bodies CAC 10 Mar 22, 2024 CAC Feedback and discussion of essay topics Media & Society: 11 Mar 21, 2024 M&S Introducing a ‘cultural studies’ approach to television texts: Stuart Hall’s ‘Encoding/Decoding’ paper. This session is based on this seminal, but CAC 11 Mar 21, 2024 CAC What is ‘time’? What do human beings around the world think about time? Do we all agree on how time works? Also a brief look at ‘Chronemics’ and Media & Society: 12 Mar 20, 2024 M&S This session looks at the features of the broadcast system in Japan, illustrating the variety of factors that we have to take into account when CAC 12 Mar 20, 2024 CAC Proxemics. The culture and conceptions of position and direction. Language and space. Read the reading, Brown and Levinson 1993 look through the Media & Society: 13 Mar 19, 2024 M&S New media, new politics? How has the arrival of ‘social media’ changed political communication and reporting? Download slides - PDF Next page