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Television 1: Varieties of broadcasting systems

TV broadcast towerTV broadcast tower

This session outlines a variety of approaches to thinking about television and broadcasting, starting by looking at the organisations and bodies involved in the broadcasting industry’, including broadcasters, providers of infrastructure, advertisers, etc.


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Motta, M. and Polo, M. (1997) Concentration and public policies in the broadcasting industry: the future of television. Economic Policy, 12(25):293-334

NB - this is quite long, so if you’re pushed for time, start at the beginning and read the sections marked by green (start) and red (stop) lines.

Also bear in mind that this quite old now; a lot of the data is outdated but the structures and ideas they talk about haven’t changed that much. Any new television systems will inevitable have to be built on the legacy of these ideas.

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Other material

Methodology for the RSF Press Freedom Survey

If you’re interested in how a professional body like RSF attempts to measure something complex like press freedom’, have a look at their methodology.

↗️ RSF Survey Methodology

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