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One of the earliest ‘newspapers’One of the earliest ‘newspapers’

Newspapers are the oldest mass media and are thus the root of much of the common sense’ of other media industries which developed later.

Industry structures: circulations, subscriptions, funding, and what these mean for content.


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McManus, J. (1995) A market-based model of news production. Communication Theory, 5(4):301-338

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Other material

Death of the commuter free sheet’?

Newspapers have always been linked to modern lifestyles’ - their forms adapt to the way people live their lives. The commuter free sheet’ is one of those new(ish) breeds that may be under threat from COVID-19 as the the relationship of many workers to their workplaces changes.”

Alternatives to the traditional model’

Media producers are still looking for ways to make best use of the internet’ as a distribution platform; the BuzzFeed / Vice etc model doesn’t seem to have worked out as a good long-term strategy:

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