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Digitised Books Reading Since the start of 2023 I have begun to digitise many of the books that were previously sitting on my office shelves, and at home. If you had Some XKCDs Jul 3, 2022 Reading If you’re not a regular user of xkcd, now is the time to start! So here are some amusing, insightful, and hopefully relevant, comics from the very "Peter Geoghegan: 'Democracy for Sale'" Oct 6, 2020 Reading This book covers the relationships between the worrying changes we have seen in politics in certain countries around the world and the behind the McNair: Fake news, journalism and democracy Jul 26, 2020 News & Reading Below is a complete chapter from Brian McNair’s 2018 book ‘Fake News’; I have reproduced the whole thing here primarily because it deserves as large 'Book: "The Internationalists" - War & Law' May 8, 2020 Reading I have just finished this book, it has been a very interesting and enlightening read, especially for someone who knows very little about