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Reuters Institute: Annual Digital News Reports Nov 22, 2023 News & Research The Reuters Institute at Oxford University produces a report on digital news consumption around the world every year - here they are! Or, if you Useful words and phrases for academic writing Oct 29, 2023 Research & Writing This is just a collection of words and phrases that you can use to ensure your writing does not get too repetitive, and to give you an idea of the Media History: Radio Towers Jun 16, 2023 Research Between 1930 and 1943 over 400 public radio receiver installations were erected by Japan’s national broadcaster in public parks around Japan. They Looking for a park May 13, 2023 Research Updated 19 Aug 2023 ↴ Yesterday, I spent a couple of interesting and productive hours at the Kyoto Institute, on the trail of a missing park, in Newspaper Sales in Japan Dec 20, 2022 Research During the early years of the twenty-first century the Japanese newspaper publishing industry seemed to be putting up successful resistance to Left and right in TV news images in Japan and the UK Dec 31, 2021 Research The configuration of reporter (R), camera operator (C) and interviewee (I). The configuration shown on the right illustrates how the camera blocks Global Insights - Who Decides? Misinformation and Election Interference Oct 29, 2020 Research In October 2020 I took part in the Balsillie School of International Affairs ‘Global Insights’ symposium series, a session on ‘fake news’, elections Kyoto's Radio Towers Sep 1, 2019 Research Radio tower in Funaoka Park, Kyoto This paper introduces Kyoto’s ‘radio towers’, a largely forgotten element of Japan’s early mass media history 'Camera Angles: Designed to communicate?' Oct 15, 2015 Research This chapter uses the ‘camera angle’ semiotic resource to investigate the difficulties inherent in the academic analysis of television news images. "Digital Watershed: Japanese TV's Digital Switchover" Nov 24, 2013 Research The switch to digital terrestrial broadcasting on 24 July 2011 marked a watershed for the broadcasting industry in Japan. Digitalisation is the Social Distance: News in the UK and Japan Feb 23, 2010 Research The potential of the camera framing, or shot-size, semiotic resource to encode meanings related to social distance has been recognized for some Visual Semiotics of News Images in Japan and the UK Sep 9, 2009 Research Although application of theories of visual semiosis, meaning-making and meaning-sharing through pictures, is usually restricted to small-scale