Development and background of the field of Intercultural Communications’

E.T.Hall - founder of Intercultural CommunicationE.T.Hall - founder of Intercultural Communication

This session looks at the birth of studies of Cross/Intercultural Communication’. E.T. Hall and the Foreign Service Institute. The Silent Language” and the classic IC Paradigm. We also look at how the origins of the field has affected the kind of research that has been produced.


Please make sure to read both the readings (they’re fairly short) before class. We can discuss any questions arising from the readings in class.


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Ch.1, The Genealogy of Intercultural Communication. Piller, I. (2010) Intercultural communication: A Critical Introduction. Edinburgh University Press, Edinburgh.

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Selections from Brockman, M.J. (2015) This idea must die: scientific theories that are blocking progress. Harper Collins

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Other material

Mark Pagel talking about Wired for Culture’

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