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CAC 13 Mar 19, 2024 CAC read the reading look through the slides Download slides - PDF ‘Transition Shock’ in Bennett, M. J. (1998). Basic concepts of intercultural Media & Society: 14 Mar 18, 2024 M&S New challenges to state power over ‘mass’ media: Fake news, social media, censorship and governmental control. If you are intending to submit SP4 CAC 14 Mar 18, 2024 CAC Read the reading Check out the slides. Prepare to hand in “Reflection Paper 4” Get ready to hand in that final essay - feel free to get in touch by Media & Society: 15 Mar 17, 2024 M&S We’ll use the final session to answer any remaining questions you might have — either about the things we’ve covered or assessment — and to recap CAC 15 Mar 17, 2024 CAC Awareness of multiplicity of ‘identity’ Freedoms and constraints in identity choice Distinguish personal and social identity Introduction to "No Man is an Iland" Feb 10, 2024 Poetry John Donne, 1624 Written as part of a reflection on Donne’s serious illness and subsequent recovery in 1624. Part of the second to last line was Map Maker Tool Jan 27, 2024 Tools & Maps If you need to make maps for illustrations or presentations then my map making tool might be useful for you. It’s adapted from an example provided The 'Day of the Bogons' has arrived! Jan 21, 2024 News UPDATE: 21 Jan 2024 It’s happening already… At the end of this post are links to a piece of recent research on the spread of “news and Baskerville! Dec 31, 2023 Writing If you have ever wondered what font you should be using for your essays, maybe this post will give you a hint! [I]s there a typeface that promotes, Information Security Dec 19, 2023 News This is a short post to mention a few of the information security related articles I’ve notice over the past couple of weeks. As students of IR we Deadly Journalism 2023 Dec 9, 2023 News & Journalism Journalism can be a dangerous occupation. The International Federation of Journalists (IFJ) reported that 94 journalists and media workers, Reuters Institute: Annual Digital News Reports Nov 22, 2023 News & Research The Reuters Institute at Oxford University produces a report on digital news consumption around the world every year - here they are! Or, if you PBS X/Twitter Musk Documentary Oct 30, 2023 News US public service broadcaster, PBS, has just released a two-hour documentary on Elon Musk’s takeover of Twitter and the events leading up to it. If Useful words and phrases for academic writing Oct 29, 2023 Research & Writing This is just a collection of words and phrases that you can use to ensure your writing does not get too repetitive, and to give you an idea of the Social Media and Climate Change Info Sep 21, 2023 This piece of research, carried out by the group ‘Climate Action Against Disinformation’ attempts to score different social media platforms on how Next page