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CAC 8 Aug 9, 2023 CAC This session introduces some basic approaches and findings from the field of ‘Sociolinguistics’: how societies and social groups use language to CAC 9 Aug 8, 2023 CAC Facial expressions, proxemics, gesture and ‘paralanguage’ as bearers of social meaning. As usual, check out the materials. Leave a comment in the CAC 10 Aug 7, 2023 CAC Feedback and discussion of essay topics CAC 11 Aug 6, 2023 CAC What is ‘time’? What do human beings around the world think about time? Do we all agree on how time works? Also a brief look at ‘Chronemics’ and CAC 12 Aug 5, 2023 CAC Proxemics. The culture and conceptions of position and direction. Language and space. Read the reading, Brown and Levinson 1993 look through the CAC 13 Aug 4, 2023 CAC read the reading look through the slides Download slides - PDF ‘Transition Shock’ in Bennett, M. J. (1998). Basic concepts of intercultural CAC 14 Aug 3, 2023 CAC Read the reading Check out the slides. Prepare to hand in “Reflection Paper 4” Get ready to hand in that final essay - feel free to get in touch by CAC 15 Aug 2, 2023 CAC Awareness of multiplicity of ‘identity’ Freedoms and constraints in identity choice Distinguish personal and social identity Introduction to Media History: Radio Towers Jun 16, 2023 Research Between 1930 and 1943 over 400 public radio receiver installations were erected by Japan’s national broadcaster in public parks around Japan. They Looking for a park May 13, 2023 Research Updated 19 Aug 2023 ↴ Yesterday, I spent a couple of interesting and productive hours at the Kyoto Institute, on the trail of a missing park, in "World Press Freedom Index 2023" May 3, 2023 News Every year Reporters Without Borders (RSF) compiles and publishes a “World Press Freedom Index” which attempts to measure and map the degree of Media Studies Readings 2023 Apr 29, 2023 Media Studies Thussu - Download PDF SLIDES PDF McQuail Ch3 - Download PDF SLIDES PDF McQuail Ch11 - Download PDF SLIDES PDF McQuail Ch15 - Download PDF Media Media & Society: 08 Mar 8, 2023 M&S This session covers in greater depth some of the approaches to understanding and analysing the production of media content we have encountered Media & Society: 09 Mar 7, 2023 M&S This session covers some of the characteristic features of the newspaper industry and journalism in Japan. We particularly focus on the decline of Media & Society: 11 Mar 6, 2023 M&S Introducing a ‘cultural studies’ approach to television texts: Stuart Hall’s ‘Encoding/Decoding’ paper. This session is based on this seminal, but Next page