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3. The Invisible Management of the Great Society Oct 14, 2023 GSS Chapter 3 World War I was the first conflict that was referred to as “total.” Not only did it take place at the world level but also, and more GSS Presenter Schedule Sep 27, 2023 GSS 28 Sept 10:03 SPKB Mapping World Communications: War, Progress, Culture Sep 27, 2023 GSS Armand MATTELART - Mapping World Communications: War, Progress, Culture Minneapolis, Minnesota UP, 1994 Translation: Susan Emanuel, James A. 1. The Emergence of Technical Networks Sep 10, 2023 GSS Chapter 1 The nineteenth century saw the slow emergence of a new mode of exchange and circulation of goods, messages, and persons, as well as a new 2. The Age of Multitudes Sep 9, 2023 GSS Chapter 2 “We can understand nothing rightly unless we perceive the manner in which the revolution in communication has made a new world for us”.1 4. The Shock of Ideologies Sep 7, 2023 GSS Chapter 4 “The place of the artillery barrage as a preparation for an infantry attack will in the future be taken by revolutionary propaganda. Its 5. The School of Ruse Sep 6, 2023 GSS Chapter 5 Since its beginnings, research on psychological warfare has always rendered tribute to what it considers its precursor: the Chinese Sun 6. From Progress to Communication - Conceptual Metamorphoses Sep 5, 2023 GSS Chapter 6 What society, what world was heralded by the advent of electronic information and communication? Since the end of World War II, this 7. The Revolution of Rising Expectations Sep 4, 2023 GSS Chapter 7 “Progress is the development of order,” wrote Auguste Comte in the Catechisme positiviste. “Progress consists of nothing but the 8. The International Regulation of Information Flows Sep 3, 2023 GSS Chapter 8 In which directions do international information and communication circulate? What economic, political, and cultural stakes do they 9. The State in Its Ordinary Dimension Sep 2, 2023 GSS Chapter 9 ” In short, governmental institutions are the vestiges of the era for which they were conceived-an era of blind growth during which the 10. The Ascendancy of Geoeconomy Sep 1, 2023 GSS Chapter 10 In his “Letter to the French” of April 1988 — which was intended to offer a program for his second seven-year term as president — 11. Mediations and Hybridizations Aug 30, 2023 GSS Chapter 11 Although the new philosophy of globalization inspired by geostrategies of the world economy came into vogue in the 1980s, there also 12. Conclusion:The Enigma Aug 25, 2023 GSS Chapter 12 Every attempt to retrace the history of international communication runs up against three major stumbling blocks, which also risk